Photo Retouching Cars

This is the request that started all my car photo retouching. It is composed of nine layers, with the pen tool I draw path that will limit the areas that I wanted to retouch and then I draw gradients and change the blend modes to multiply, screen or overlay depending on the effect that I wanted. The last thing I did was to select the silver objects, like the door handles, the Lincoln symbol and the car model and put the on one layer on the very top. Also I draw the pin stripe.

I know that if you look very close the car will look fake but once placed on the cover with the background and heading it is very hard to perceived with a naked eye.  It was so absurd to me, everybody knows that shiny surfaces reflect the environment, and cloning something like this will end up in a big smudge. Still people think that you can do everything in Photoshop.


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