Aegean Sea Adventures



After three hours of Tango class, we got on a boat, named “Zephyros”, that took us around Milos Island. My plan was not to take pictures all the time, by looking through the camera’s viewfinder, one could miss much of the beauty, or the enrapturing conversations of my new tango friends or miss the sensation of the wind on the face messing the hair. After a few shots, I forced myself to put the camera back in the case, but I had to capture the majestic landscape… I don’t know how many times I had to crawl from my seat, and walk to the bow, I wasn’t thinking of how tired I was going to be.

Zephyros stopped; Captain Yannis announced forty-five minutes to swim and explore the caves. I was so exited by the colossal boulders and the teal color of the sea, I jumped into the water, I lost my top, but I don’t think anyone noticed, lol. Inside the caves, the Sun makes the water glow with the most beautiful color, I finally understood why the color is named “aquamarine”. I swam to the other side of the cave, when I was about to turn back, I saw the others were just coming in; I swam fast to catch up with them and swim back in the cave with the group. In the water my feet released all the pressure from dancing, and it was so much fun, one can get very silly in the Aegean Sea. We got back in the boat and have some snacks and Raki (Greek liquor).


For a second time, Zephyros stopped, Captain Yannis said,
—you have twenty minutes—
I asked the captain, if we could swim again, he said:
—yes, that cave on the left, is a very nice swim—
Trip organizer, Glykeria went in, and I jumped right after her. Half way she said:
—It is farther than what it looked—I agreed.
She added, —do we go back?—
—No, let’s try to get there—
I though, we are already half way there, and I also have some pride.

We kept swimming and got to the cave, this one, was bigger than the first one, under the water, the rock was purple. We started swimming back to the boat, by now, the current was stronger, and I barely had energy left to keep a steady pace. The captain, blow the whistle announcing that we had to come back. I started to get a bit worried, I was swimming but not advancing, and the waves were hitting my face, getting in my nose, eyes and mouth… There were two other young guys, they asked if we needed help, they could tell the captain to get the raft for us. I had to swallow my pride and said yes.

zephyros_714As we were waiting for the raft, I kept trying to get closer to “Zephyros” I could see my friend Poz walking to the bow to see what was going on. I remained calm, after all, I could keep floating; just that the more I swam, the more the current was not allowing me to advance. The raft came, but first they passed us, going straight into the cave, it seems that there was some confusion and they thought that someone was still in the cave. The captain and first officer tuned back, asked us if we were ok. First Officer “Hraklis” asked me twice, maybe to confirm that I was indeed fine. He said, —hold onto the rope, can you do it?— I did, and we went back to the boat.

Once I got on the boat, my new friends were asking how I was, there was a joke going around, that I was pretending to be drowning to be saved by a handsome bearded Greek man. I was a bit dizzy, and very embarrassed so I didn’t get it right away, but after a while, I looked at Hraklis… he indeed was handsome! I approach to talked to him, he said:
—I saved your life—
Me,—Yes, you did, thank you—

As the sun was setting, between laughter, friends, and Raki, Zephyros took us back to shore where a delicious dinner was waiting for us.

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