Leave something to the imagination… unfinished work

When Leonardo DaVinci and the artist of the Renaissance discovered discovered the “sfumato” they created in us a fascination for the unfinished works, the trick has been used in advertising too.

Our love for the Impressionist art is another prove that the trick works. The phrase “Leave something to the imagination” is an expression that highlights the value of not telling the hole story and create some mystery that will keep the other intrigued, fascinated, thinking about that space that he is filling with his imagination.

I wonder if it’s also a reflexion of our sexuality, that we don’t practice leaving anything to the imagination anymore. We know how new mediums of communication are affecting our intellectual abilities, our capacity for attention, our memory and, yes our capacity for imagination is suffering too.

Working as a Graphic Designer, I find that more and more clients literally tell me, “don’t make think”. I am not sure if such clients realize that what they are asking for, is to give up that, which distinguish us a humans, our ability to imagine.


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