Before/After; making it look better

This is an exercise to make the ad below look better. The first thing is that centered alignment is boring and amateurish. Almost all the text is set in caps in caps making it hard to read and no contrast, it doesn’t invite to read the information. The chef’s name is vey small,¬†one can barely read it, this is bad since he is the star. The pattern around the add, takes up space without really adding any interest to the piece. Read below to see what I did to make it a bit better.


I took out the border that was stealing space and make the titles larger. Also in the title Signature Chef Series I used different fonts and by using lower case I was able to make it larger creating a lot of contrast and making it interesting and appealing. Also, since the chef is the star I make his name very large and bold and also retouched his picture in Photoshop, instead of using a center image I move it to the right, and with all the space that I have I also made it larger. The upcoming featured chefs occupy almost the same space, but instead of all caps I used lower case and create some rhythm playing with the type weight. Hope it is better!