Graphic Design

Why my logo is not sharp?

If you don’t use a vector file, eps or illustrator, the logo is not going to look sharp.

Small business owners, and large corporate marketing/advertisement managers, must have always ready their eps logo file to save time when working with third party vendors.
For more than 15 years time and again I encounter the same situation.

Client: -Can you make the logo sharper?
Me: Yes. It will take me 2 or 3 hrs to re-draw it; (and I will bill you for each hour it takes me to do it) But if you have an eps or an illustrator file it will take 1 minute?
Reply: I have the eps, but I can’t open it.
Me: Can you send me that file? Thank you, here is your sharp logo.

An eps or vector file always looks sharp

An eps or vector file always looks sharp

Low resolution jpeg

Low resolution jpeg

Before/After; making it look better

This is an exercise to make the ad below look better. The first thing is that centered alignment is boring and amateurish. Almost all the text is set in caps in caps making it hard to read and no contrast, it doesn’t invite to read the information. The chef’s name is vey small, one can barely read it, this is bad since he is the star. The pattern around the add, takes up space without really adding any interest to the piece. Read below to see what I did to make it a bit better.


I took out the border that was stealing space and make the titles larger. Also in the title Signature Chef Series I used different fonts and by using lower case I was able to make it larger creating a lot of contrast and making it interesting and appealing. Also, since the chef is the star I make his name very large and bold and also retouched his picture in Photoshop, instead of using a center image I move it to the right, and with all the space that I have I also made it larger. The upcoming featured chefs occupy almost the same space, but instead of all caps I used lower case and create some rhythm playing with the type weight. Hope it is better!


Typography, the most significant element.

The most significant element, of the graphic repertoire available, is found in typography. The Spanish designer José María Cerezo said that the use of color, form handling and techniques of composition, is knowledge that the graphic designer shares with visual artists, photographers, architects, industrial designers and textiles communicators also it is shared with the unavoidable obligation to communicate. There is only knowledge that should be exclusive to the graphic designer: the typography. The rest of the artists working with visual and spatial configuration, may use typography, and often they use it very well. But is to the graphic designers in the first instance, who must have deep knowledge and proper use of the “visible word”. The typography is not related to graphic design, not a cause or a consequence, the typography is part of graphic design, the one does not exist without the other and vice versa.

Pantone missed color of the year forecast

When I saw the forecasting color services that Pantone provided I though WOW! Those people really know about color! Forecasting a color is an occult science. Unless they have access into the minds of creatives and what colors they are going to use they can foresee the future. Leave alone the creatives, what about their bosses, are they going to approve the color? (I deal lot with color nagging, why is that blue?) and, are consumers going to buy that green emerald scarf?
I think that all the emerald green we will see this year will be this St. Patrick’s Day.

color of the year. DARCOS Irish_Spring