Graphic Design

April 12, World Graphic Design Day


Creative Thinking

I don’t consider myself a creative person, how can I be a graphic designer without such an important and venerated attribute?¬†Having heard from people how creative I am has make me wonder, is it really that I am creative? I feel very flattered, but if I believe this, then I would be denying all the hard work that I’ve done all my life, as a visual artist, I have read, go to museums, ask colleges and professors and observe every visual material that I come across that I find interesting.¬†The truth is almost everyone has creative potential, and there is a creative process which has four steps:

1. Preparation

2. Incubation

3. Illumination

4. Implementation

Graphic design and creative thinking is about struggling, ideate, interpreting and explore. We all know that graphic designers make things look good; but the completion of the creative process is what separates the designer from the person who uses clipart and photoshop or the difference between fluffy and delicious or uncooked rice.

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