Why my logo is not sharp?

If you don’t use a vector file, eps or illustrator, the logo is not going to look sharp.

Small business owners, and large corporate marketing/advertisement managers, must have always ready their eps logo file to save time when working with third party vendors.
For more than 15 years time and again I encounter the same situation.

Client: -Can you make the logo sharper?
Me: Yes. It will take me 2 or 3 hrs to re-draw it; (and I will bill you for each hour it takes me to do it) But if you have an eps or an illustrator file it will take 1 minute?
Reply: I have the eps, but I can’t open it.
Me: Can you send me that file? Thank you, here is your sharp logo.

An eps or vector file always looks sharp

An eps or vector file always looks sharp

Low resolution jpeg

Low resolution jpeg

A client was telling me -“We have been in business for 50 years. We don’t need to re-design our logo”-.

In this year, 2012 some of the largest corporations have change their image. Why are they doing so? I think it is because times are changing, consumers are looking more efficient experiences when they shop,  and companies have to change. Also now a days the expiration day of brands is shorter. It is not weakness, it is a sign of survival and strength. A way to say we are moving forward in business!

Logo Redesign

A few redesign logos launched this year.

Just because you cannot open an eps file doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Most people who work on PC doesn’t have a vector program installed on their machines, so they can’t open eps or vector files (.ai, .cwdr) if your graphic designer is asking for it, please provide it! He or she will let you know whether this is the correct version of the logo you want.

Here is another client who is not providing eps logo and who has a problem when printing, because the reds don’t match.  Keep the eps logo version and provide it to the printing company, advertising agency or graphic designer that you work with. Your logo will reproduce perfectly.