Can you write with your hands and not your feet?

I don’t know if all graphic designers have to put up with this. On top of it, I get complaints of making mistakes. An also they tell me, -can you use spell check?


This is the request that started all my car photo retouching. It is composed of nine layers, with the pen tool I draw path that will limit the areas that I wanted to retouch and then I draw gradients and change the blend modes to multiply, screen or overlay depending on the effect that I wanted. The last thing I did was to select the silver objects, like the door handles, the Lincoln symbol and the car model and put the on one layer on the very top. Also I draw the pin stripe.

I know that if you look very close the car will look fake but once placed on the cover with the background and heading it is very hard to perceived with a naked eye.  It was so absurd to me, everybody knows that shiny surfaces reflect the environment, and cloning something like this will end up in a big smudge. Still people think that you can do everything in Photoshop.

Photo Retouching Cars

It is a quite a complicated process considering how small the details are. I start drawing a path of the windows that are on the back of the windshield. Then I apply gradients and change the layer blend modes according to what it’s needed, sometimes multiply, other times overlay or screen. Since you want to cover the cars that are see through but nor the car inside, then I do same process with the windshield. The requests are very annoying considering this is an used cars magazine, and they are done within a less than an hour deadline. But I have always have them done on time.

Just because you cannot open an eps file doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Most people who work on PC doesn’t have a vector program installed on their machines, so they can’t open eps or vector files (.ai, .cwdr) if your graphic designer is asking for it, please provide it! He or she will let you know whether this is the correct version of the logo you want.

Here is another client who is not providing eps logo and who has a problem when printing, because the reds don’t match.  Keep the eps logo version and provide it to the printing company, advertising agency or graphic designer that you work with. Your logo will reproduce perfectly.